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What’s A Residential Inspection & How Can It Help You?

Think of it like a snapshot, similar to when you are about to buy a vehicle and you take it to your trusted, licensed mechanic to examine the vehicle.

Your mechanic will give you a verbal/written report (sometimes both) on the current state of the vehicle. It doesn’t mean that the vehicle is good/bad; it’s just the current state of the vehicle. From that report, you’ll make an informed decision on whether or not the vehicle is in your tolerance range what you are willing to take on, and if you will proceed with the purchase of the vehicle. 

Knowing the current details of what may/may not need to be repaired/altered gives you peace of mind that you are buying in your range of tolerance.

Unfortunately, your licensed mechanic can not inform you of what/when other things may need attention; as the way you treat the vehicle changes everything.

A residential inspection is conceptually the same, except that it pertains to a residence. The difference is that you can have this done on new builds as well as existing structures. In addition, home owner’s insurance companies, often require a targeted inspection of the property after a certain amount of time called a “4-point inspection”.

I’m a TREC licensed “Professional Inspector”. I work smartly for all my clients and provide the highest quality service and professionalism. 

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